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You Aren’t Who You Are Because of Yourself

September 12th, 2011

piece of the puzzle

“John replied, “No one can receive anything unless it has been given to them from heaven.” John 3:27

It’s easy to take ownership of our own “goodness.”

Perhaps you are a great writer, crafter, organizer, marketer, money saver, golfer, singer, etc. It’s fun to be good at something, but it doesn’t come from you. You cannot say, “I did this…” or, “it’s because of me…” Everything you have is from God. We all work together as puzzle pieces to make something for His glory.

You may think you are insignificant because your piece isn’t as visible or alluring as some other pieces, but it’s just as important.

You may think you are more significant because your piece is more visible and alluring then some other pieces, but it’s not more, it’s all for the same purpose.


He gives the gifts, He takes them away. It’s all for Him.

Don’t claim ownership of the good or great or notable things you do. Don’t consider yourself mediocre if your part is more hidden. It’s all Him.

It’s all for Him.


Photo Credit: piece of the puzzle

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We Are All Wounded

January 4th, 2011

Every one of us has wounds.

They hide under the flesh where only God see them clearly, but we all see them, we just see them with human eyes.

We speak and act out of our wounds so often, that the words get mistaken for the person. See the person behind the words.

We can all be free, because we have been given the opportunity for liberty. But we need to ask Him to show us.

And we need to be willing to be humble before the Holy Spirit as He reveals the deepest secrets of our hearts.

He is faithful; He will always come through.

More on this in my Core Lies ebook coming soon.

Stop and Gain Some Perspective

September 29th, 2010

I was feeling the stress rise and the frustration set in all before the day barely opened into new.

I had my bible and comfy chair, but the babes were loud and the DVD player wasn’t working and the complaints came.


I got everything all fixed up for them, settled, and quiet (mostly).  I need time with God alone in the quiet or I might just go crazy.

I feel the rising still.

This isn’t working. I can’t “get into” God. So I stop, close the book, and just breathe. And then I gain some perspective. I cannot shut-up life, at least not with offense and hold a pure conscience. I knew I had offended my children by rushing them to get busy so I could be alone with the life-giver.  I “shhhh’d” them.  I brushed them aside. That is not what God has in mind, at least I don’ t think so.

If we are to go to an offended brother before laying a sacrifice at the alter, then shouldn’t we also go to our offended children and make things good and right in their world before sitting down to be with the One? Yes. So I did.  I went down and cuddled and asked for forgiveness and read a book to one and then came before my God.

How much sweeter the time!

The rising stops and recedes.

Do you need to go before your children today and relieve offense?


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Learning To Keep My Mouth Shut! Oh, And Then There Is The Whole Attitude Thing…

November 25th, 2008

Do you ever feel like all of a sudden you can’t control your lips and words fling out that you later regret and feel like a shrew for?

Um, that’s me most mornings and evenings when I’m a total crank, and yes, those are the times my poor hubby is home.

What’s a gal to do?

Yesterday morning (miraculously) I actually kept my mouth shut when I was feeling very “attitudy” towards my husband for something. On top of my non-morning-persona-but-still-getting-up-early-anyway thing, the kiddos woke up way early and I seriously CRIED! But, I hid my tears, prayed that God would help me be positive and “tame the tongue,” I persevered and by the GRACE OF GOD managed to put a smile on my face and eventually one in my heart.

Did you catch that? A smile in my heart.

My attitude is the hardest thing for me to tame. If my attitude were better, my words would be much gentler and kinder.

“From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” Matthew 12:34

Oh how I wish my thoughts were always rosy and sweet, but alas, they are not. My mind often fills with judgement, negativity, and criticism – most of the time toward the man who I love so dearly. I am praying about this and I try to think often on what a good man my husband is, but he could be perfect and my crankiness just seems to win more battles then it loses.

Last week, I actually told my three year old that I was going to sit on the step until I could be positive (this is what I do with her when she is whiny). She thought that was a good idea. Can you say humbling?

What do you do to push out crankiness and a negative attitude?

Angry words,

O let them never

From the tongue, unbridled slip.

With the soul’s best impulse

Ever check them,

Ere they soil the lips.

Angry words are quickly spoken,

Bitter thoughts are rashly stirred.

Fondest links of life are broken.

By a single angry word.

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