10 Things…

…My Relevant roomies (Dana and Jessica) should know about me:

(this brought to you by the “10 Things my Relevant Roomies Should Know About Me 2011″ Link-up)

  1. I stay up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late…
  2. which in turn makes me a wee bit loopy…
  3. and sometimes grouchy (but I’ll pray about that ;)
  4. also? I can’t sleep without moving my feet back and forth, back and forth…
  5. I’m really sorry if the sheets make scratchy noises when I do this, I really can’t help it
  6. Did I mention I get really loopy around 1am? If you have a camera, you could soooo… blackmail me
  7. I’m a bed hog (I know I’m sharing that King size bed with one of you!)
  8. I DO NOT snore…
  9. I make up for this in drooling
  10. I LOVE my roomies – they are beautiful souls who I am grateful to know!
P.S. I’m on Twitter @sarahmaewrites (you know this!) and Facebook at /sarahmaewrites (this is new!)
Can’t wait for the conference!!!! WOO HOO! Also, for those who are interested, I’ll be doing a session on self-publishing – bring your eBook ideas or manuscript and I’ll help you develop a branding and marketing plan!

Join the link-up fun! Write a blog post of your own listing 10 things your Relevant roomie should know about you, and link it up here (Brooke’s blog) anytime before the beginning of the Relevant Conference (you can link-up at Erin’s blog too!)  Make your list fun!  Make it you!  Tell us who you are beyond your blog!  And be sure to include a link to your Twitter name too so that we can all find each other.

10 Coffee Talks on “10 Things…”

  1. Christin says:

    ROFL!!! You crack me up!

    And bummer! I don't have an ebook in the works to show you. :( Wonder if I can get something down in the next couple of weeks…hmmm….

    • Sarah Mae says:

      We can just talk about your ideas :)

  2. mrshaggie810 says:

    I stay up too late, get a little slap happy in the wee hours, and *occasionally* drool while sleeping also! lol! :D

  3. Donna S. says:

    I love this! I may or may not drool as well and stay up way too late (2am is pretty normal around here sometimes)

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Ha! I rub my feet back and forth to go to sleep too! When I had foot surgery is when I really figured that out, cause I couldn't do that while my foot healed!! Plus all the other "staying up too late" issues!! =)

  5. Beth says:

    Thank you Sarah Mae for the incredible amount of hard work you and your roomies put into Relevant last year and again this year. It was such a blessing last year and I'm sure it will be again this year.

    Oh, and I drool too. I just couldn't bring myself to admit it in my list. :)

  6. I SO wish I was going to Relevant!

    And I'm a drooler too! LOL my husband doesn't seem to appreciate this very much. :)

  7. I hope to be all over that conference next year!


  8. Jessica says:

    Don't worry…I don't mind drool. {Hi, four kids!}

  9. Hannah says:

    In strange habits, we are bizarrely similar. My husband has long since gotten used to the moving feet thing but as a child it used to make my sister soo angry (that sheet noise and all).

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