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Some of you who are participating in the 31 Days to Clean new Martha challenges were wondering what “Main Space Pick-up” meant. Here, let me show you…

(why yes, that is my two year old climbing up on a desk…oh, and normally there are more toys on the floor)

My “main spaces” get like this everyday. And I’ll tell you, I’m thankful to have a smaller house because can you imagine the overwhelming mess I’d be in if I had to clean a big house?!

Here are the after pics:

Yes, I agree, my dining room is sparse and boring and in desperate need of color. I’m not above admitting my serious need for decorating help. Did I mention I also have commitment issues? Myra? Nester? Melissa? Some help please?

Well, there you have it, what a main spaces pick-up looks like.

Happy Saturday! :)

19 Coffee Talks on “Main Spaces”

  1. SJBeals says:

    I am not doing the 31 day challenge, Sarah Mae, but I DO home school in my kitchen/main space. I put up a cork board with a whiteboard on one side and lined it with pretty scrapbooking paper and encouraging sayings(Ann Voskamp's "Only speak words that make souls stronger" for example) so that I could post all of my home school papers on it in one place.
    I liked that I could "decorate" it with something that goes with the kitchen and that it didn't look so "school marm-ish" :) Imagine 5 kids times all of the papers that they produce…and now you know why I did it.
    Happy Cleaning!

  2. MOMKABOODLE says:

    I was just thinking how adorable your rooms look….. =)
    We've been doing a lot better about keeping our main spaces clean lately. For me it was more a choice to get off the computer and do it. Oh, and to enforce the quick tidy in the living room/playroom with the kiddos.

  3. Mozi Esmes Mom says:

    Sometimes simple is the best decorative style – it makes it easier to keep things neat! Looks like you have a comfy place…

  4. Dionna says:

    I have a bigger house and sometimes it is just so overwhelming to clean. Baby steps.

  5. Becky says:

    I'm not doing the 31 days to clean but I do a main space pick up everyday (because like you my house looks like that every night). There is such a feeling of satisfaction when you sit down and there are no toys lying everywhere. That said it's not my favorite thing to do! I'm not a glutton for punishment. :)

    If you want to brighten your dining room up a nice cheery print might work but your house is quite lovely as is!

  6. Stacy says:

    My house seems to get thrown upside down every single day. My kids can make messes in the blink of an eye (and so can I, for that matter).

    I'm am thankful; for a smaller house too. I think I big house would be too much!

  7. Here I was thinking how nice it looks! I could certainly see some art on the large dining room wall, but it could be paintings, family pictures in black/white, textured art (metal, architectural, etc).

  8. Leigha says:

    Ok, this SO cracked me up. In your after pic, the rug looks like you shoved everything under it due to the pattern ;) lol!! It looks nice and cozy instead of kid central! Great job~

  9. KristineMac says:

    I think your house looks great. You definitely have more decorating skills than I :)

  10. Rachel says:

    Your couches look comfy! :) I myself am in need of some decorating help so I'm not much help with that. I think new curtains would make a big impact for a small price though, do you have an Ikea nearby? They have some really nice inexpensive curtains. I follow younghouselove and they recommend hanging your curtains high and wide to maximize your windows impact, a little visual trickery :)

  11. Jasmine says:

    Sarah Mae, I think your home is cozy and perfect. Your girls seem happy and free. :-) xox

  12. Jenny says:

    Your house is so adorable! The living room is so cosy!

    I have found that I feel much happier if I do a pick up before I go to sleep so when I wake up everything is tidy and calm. Oh and making my bed somehow makes the whole room look better.

  13. Misty says:

    I love SIMPLE. Although I can appreciate homes with beautiful groupings and lovely decor all over the home, I could not possibly manage it with my little ones around. I think that dining room wall is a great place to put up some simple frames in which you could rotate your children's artwork. They would feel really proud to have their artwork framed and it would add a lot of life to the room.

  14. Rebecca says:

    I like your decorating, but I tend to favor the "less is more" type of decorating. I too thought your rug had lumps like there was something under it. Must be an optical illusion. I'm not doing the 31 days to clean either, but I try to do main area pick ups too–sometimes several times a day.

  15. Dawn Phenix says:

    Sarah Mae,

    Thank you for sharing pix of your home, I love it! It's really nice :)
    I absolutely love minimalism. It's the best way to go when you have a small place and many residents. Your kids decorate your house nicely!

  16. I am hoping to do the 31 days to clean next go around (will there be a next go around?) – but I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to see a "normal" house. I have commitment issues and today put pictures on the wall for the first time and we've lived here (in our humble small abode) for six years now! Anyhoo… just wanted to say thanks for being "real." :)

  17. @MrsNo17 says:

    Sometimes I long for more "simple"…I like your rooms just the way they are! I think they are lovely.

  18. melissa says:

    Hey Girl! Your house is wonderful, homey, comfortable, and full of life and love, which is really all you need!

    But because you asked me and I am kind of crazy, if you want to do a little more you could add some art to your dining room wall, maybe a skinny sideboard with lamps or if it is too crowded for that, you could put a long shelf with candles (battery operated if you want a safe alternative) to add a little light and sparkle. In your living space you could add a couple more lamps and end tables…It looks like you have curtain rods so curtains always help finish things off too! You could even move the rods higher and wider than your windows so with curtains it will allow more light from the windows and give the illusion that they are even bigger than they are. You could do linen if you want to keep the curtains simple. Maybe a few colorful patterned throw pillows on the sofa.

    But seriously, Sarah Mae, your home is wonderful already, you've done a great job at setting up a home. I wouldn't feel compelled to change anything. It has everything a young family needs! Comfortable places to sit together, a dining table for family meals, and toys. Enjoy your family and life in those rooms, decorating can happen over time. xoxoxo

  19. It all looks fabulous my friend!! And thank you for those before pics – showing the "real" makes the rest of us feel better. I do think your house looks warm and cozy!

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