There’s a Wild Woman in My House

She only looks innocent.

There is a wild woman who lives in my house.

A sneaky, beautiful, rebellious, free-spirited, bright-eyed, Saboteur. She goes by the name Caroline. She’s two.

Before I had HER, I always scoffed when people would say, “the terrible two’s…blah blah blah.” My sweet little darlings were fine in their two’s…

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5 Coffee Talks on “There’s a Wild Woman in My House”

  1. Susan says:

    Let me tell you about this little wild woman. She was quietly sitting on my couch watching a video with her siblings and munching on popcorn. After awhile, she just couldn't sit anymore and jumped up to get herself moving. The popcorn bounced out of the bowl onto the floor and couch. Right away she says to me, "I sorry, Grammom." Inside of that mind and heart is a polite little girl with soft feelings. Hmmm, I wonder where she learned that from?

  2. Mary says:

    I unerstand how you feel, my wild woman is now three and a half…yesterday, she emptied my special B & B bath wash I received as a gift so she could have a bubble bath. There is a reason God made children so adorable and cute.

  3. My youngest is my wild woman. She is the only one that has done things like color on furniture, cut her sisters hair and other such things. She is very very sneaky and has an angels face.

  4. Tay says:

    Haha, nothing like the twos. I work in the two year old preschool class at my church, and boy, are they a wild bunch!

  5. Janel says:

    Yes, number 3 was almost the death of me too. After the first two, I thought I had parenting all figure out. hahahaha God has a sense of humor. Number 3 is 11 now and a mighty fine young man. This too shall pass.

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