Putting Down Your Dukes

Angry Baby

It hurts when we feel wronged.

When we want to scream “FOUL!” and cry and say, “but…” and “how could they?” and “I am so hurt.” You want to fight. It stinks. And it feels unfair. But just like I am a mess and if you peeked into my heart you’d see all kinds of ugliness and lies and wounds, others are kind of a mess as well. It’s why we need grace; it’s why we need to extend grace.

Oh it is HARD!

But a heart is a funny thing and it beats out hurt disguised as something else: anger, shame, toughness.

So again,


Lord please help me to get out of myself long enough to remember the heart sickness we all have – sin. Help me see my own sin…help me assume the best about others. Help me to remember your wild, amazing grace and all the ugly that it covers because of your blood.

“You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder; and whoever murders will be liable to judgment.’ But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire.  So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.” Matthew 5:21-24


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7 Coffee Talks on “Putting Down Your Dukes”

  1. SJBeals says:

    (sigh) Putting them down is so hard. Reaching for grace is so hard…

  2. Dawn Phenix says:

    That's a good reminder.

  3. Christy says:

    Very good reminder. I like the quote a friend of mine uses as an email signature…"“Be kinder than necessary, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle.” — James M. Barre. It's so true. So hard to be kind and extend grace when someone is so ugly. Jesus never said it would be easy though, huh?

  4. KelaYN says:

    Romans 12:9-21 quickly came to mind when I read this post.
    Yes! Grace!

    "Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, 'Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,' says the Lord. Therefore if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12: 19-21

  5. Amy says:

    God has used you to write this to me today. Thank you for being His vessel.

  6. Larie says:

    The picture is excellent! That could very well be me in the photo; it just "seems" natural to defend myself in that way.


  7. Love it both the words and the picture. Grace is much needed. I had a situation come up hear recently where it was a family member that hurt me. What my flesh wanted to do was to let them know and give a peace of my mind. God reminded me that He knew I was hurt and that I did not understand why this happened but that I needed to take myself out of the situation and pray grace, love and compassion over the situation. It still hurt but God will work it out. http://tracyscoffeecafe.wordpress.com/

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