What Threatens Your Faith?

I believe in absolute truth.

I believe in the Word made flesh, spoken into Word. It lives. He lives. He is meshed into my Spirit. I love God. I also love His bride, and the many facets that are a part of her. Head, lips, fingers, ears…

All one body.


Friends, I care about you. When you read me reach out across divides, or quote wildly different people (who really may not be so wildly different over coffee), it’s because I want to understand them. I like gleaning bits of truth and/or observation that make me think or pray or lean more into Jesus. I want to love the whole body well.

And I’m not threatened by questions.

You see, questions, my own deeply painful questions, led me straight to a firm faith and dependence on God. A few years ago I went through an intense faith-crisis. I had questions that dug holes into me, and I was angry with God. No one could answer them (of course, some things can’t be answered on earth) and I felt like I was dying. It felt like death because when you have the Spirit of God in you, he becomes your life-blood, and you can’t bleed Him out. I need Him to live. Reconciling myself to this truth brought me to total dependence on, and faith in, the God who was content to let me not know. I couldn’t live until I was broken.

So if you see me seeming contradictory, or abandoning some theological ship I appear to be on, please know that my faith and foundation are in Christ alone.

He is everything to me. My identity is in Him.

Such freedom to know Jesus; such freedom to love others.

Because my Spirit is His, being friends with multiple people with differing views doesn’t threaten my faith or my standard of truth.

In fact, I think it teaches me to love better.

15 Coffee Talks on “What Threatens Your Faith?”

  1. michelle says:

    Love your heart and your honesty, my friend!

  2. Sisterlisa says:

    I so agree! Sarah Mae, you spoke my heart as well. Thank you for this. In the ministry God gave my husband and I, we cross many denominations. We value each person, even if we disagree…but those who have allowed me to ask tough questions have helped me so much..even if..at the end of a discussion..we still disagree, I learn so much out of those discussions. And just as you said..it teaches me to love better. Christ loves beyond our human flaws. I want to love people that way too. I can only do so through Him..apart from Him I have no clue how to love those I disagree with. And hey..it's not always easy to love people I do agree with either. teeheehee ;)

  3. Yes! I went through a serious faith crisis too, fairly recently in fact, and I'm still pulling out of it in many ways. When I was in the throes of it, I could not imagine how God could possibly use it for my good or His glory. I still can't understand all of His purpose for this time in my life, but Once the worst of it (which lasted months) was over, I began to see that by leading me through that deep valley God was revealing a lot of false assumptions I had about faith, the Christian life, and His character. I needed to go through that so that I could SEE HIM from the other side.

    One of the biggest things I learned (and am still learning) is that my theology, while very important, does not have to be absolutely perfect with every i dotted and every t crossed in order for me to please God. While he cares a great deal about theology (because, after all, it informed our view of Him), He is not going to judge me harshly because I don't understand everything perfectly right now. Building one's life around a solid biblical theology is a process that takes time, and we will never be right about everything.

    I used to view all doubt as a horrible no good very rotten thing that destroyed faith and angered God. Now I know that that's not always the case. While doubt can certainly be mishandled, if we never have to deal with doubts, we'll never have the opportunity to overcome them.

    Thanks for this encouraging post!

  4. Jodi says:

    Yes Sarah; I love your heart. I love that you painfully expose yourself, and handle opposition with such grace. I love that you give of your inner-most parts, giving others hope. I love that you are honest.

  5. Beth says:

    Thank you for always being honest. Can I ask how you got out of the faith crisis? I feel like I'm there but I don't know what to do. I feel like there is a huge chasm between me and God.

    • Sarah Mae says:

      Total surrender. I'll have to expand in a post. :)

  6. Emily says:

    I believe in absolute truth.

    "I believe in the Word made flesh, spoken into Word. It lives. He lives. He is meshed into my Spirit. I love God. I also love His bride, and the many facets that are a part of her. Head, lips, fingers, ears…

    All one body.

    ~Like that and have been reminded of that often lately, that God has created us , as believers, different. We are not replicas of one another and when we start thinking in that destructive way it steals joy.
    That being said, in a day where absolute biblical truth is replaced with "any thing goes casual Christianity" THAT is so dangerous. We have to be on guard; we just have to. God has called us out of darkness and into his light and that light won't shine a sbright when we look just like the world. :)

  7. I think at some point we all have to confront those tough questions and find the answers only God can offer us. It is what makes our faith "ours". Unique. Each of us is here for a specific purpose in this special time. We have been placed in situations and circumstances that we may not like or understand, so that can be refined and molded into the creation God imagined when he spun us together. And living that faith, honestly and boldly to those with those who have yet to find the LORD and experience His grace is part of our story. As the saying goes, we might be the only Bible someone reads. May we represent Him well in a world dying to sin.

  8. Christin says:

    Amen girl!! You spoke my thoughts exactly — about myself!!! :) If anything, the differences just help me dig deeper into Him – to learn more about Him, and to know Him. Yes, God is teaching me to love, even when it's difficult. Especially when it's difficult. I don't want to be a clanging symbol. (Those can get annoying after a while, you know?)

    Love you so much dear sister!

  9. Kellie says:

    Each part of the Body of Christ is different, beautiful, needful in fulfilling the work of Christ. Being solidly grounded in the Word of God is imperative. One of my greatest spiritual journeys came when the Lord brought friends from another denomination into my life. Low and behold they could pray and God answered their prayers! He used this friendship to reveal He is at work in HIS Body. We are not "these Christians" or "those Christians" but His Bride. Learning to dwell in unity with fellow Christians is imperative. As Psalm 133 says, it is good and pleasant. It's like the dew of Hermon saturating our very being. Relationships based on the Truth is edifying and point us to Christ and His Word. Our denominations (or lack thereof) may be different, but our core in Christ is the same. We must be ever watchful to build one another up in Christ. We should also be 'wise as serpents' and align everything with the Bible. While I think I hear what you are saying–to clarify–you are not saying it is okay to promote false teaching, but you want to reach out to those in the Body whose worship style, practical commitments, and church order may be different from yours and learn. With this I whole-heartedly agree.

  10. Bridgit says:

    Reading this brought Michael W. Smith's song to mind, " I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned
    In awe of the one who gave it all I'll stand my soul Lord to you surrendered. All I am is Yours"
    and then to end the post with ….
    "Because my Spirit is His, being friends with multiple people with differing views doesn’t threaten my faith or my standard of truth" just brings us right to the heart of Jesus. Not even the enemy in the garden of gethsemane could threaten Jesus' faith or standard of truth.
    What a refreshing post to start my morning. Thanks dear one!

  11. Crystal says:

    God has begun in recent months to change my heart. I am "Reformed", if you'd like to put a label on it. And honestly early in my pursuit of truth, I became haughty and even angry, partly because I felt like I had been robbed of truth for so long! This deep love for truth turned into pride. Shameful, but isn't that what our flesh does? So, I've had to repent. Oh, I still love theology! It feeds my soul.
    Like Joshua Harris says, " Pursuing orthodoxy and sound doctrine has to begin with a heart drawing close to Jesus- not to a theological system, denomination, or book…. Doctrine is the meaning of the story God is writing in the world. It's the explanation of what he's done and why he's done it and why it matters to you and me. Doctrine isn't dry and boring. It isn't for arguing. It's for knowing God and living life to the fullest." (from his book Dug Down Deep, which I highly recommend)

    I want to have a passion and zeal for God's word, His truth. With that truth there must come love and grace. At the same time I don't want to shy away from calling something false in fear of offending. Christ was and is offensive to many.The Bible talks greatly about false teachers! (Jude, 2 Peter 2, 1 Timothy and so on) There is definite truth to stand on and l definite truth to defend. It's all in how we do it, when we do it,most importantly WHY we do it. I have to guard my heart against wanting to let my tongue fly just to berate and tear down. The goal should be to uplift Christ and His truth.

  12. "Questions matter. They can help you to grow deeper in your knowledge of the truth and your love for God—especially when you’re dealing with the harder doctrines of the Christian faith. But questions can also be used to obscure the truth. They can be used to lead away just as easily as they can be used to lead toward. Ask Eve." ~ Tim Challies.

  13. Tiffany says:

    -Truth isn't truth unless it is absolute, otherwise it becomes a lie. I do believe that you honestly care for your readers Christian and non Christian. I think that you have shown that by continually trying to reconcile what has been misunderstood. I enjoy your blog because you do strive for unity within the body of Christ, and you are a peace maker. -I don't say all this to flatter you, but, to encourage you not to grow weary of doing the good you're doing here. There will always be someone who will be there to discourage us or tear us down. It's nice to connect with someone who is understanding and thoughtful and encouraging. God Bless!

  14. Wendy Hagen says:

    We are all on a journey, for sure. Once we figure it all out, we'll be dead :)

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