Dear God

I love his honesty; it is inviting.

(I got this video from JesusNeedsNewPR)

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  1. Fantastic in its intensity and emotion. His pain is raw, and his questions are heartfelt. His faith is tangible, and his Mamma is an inspiration to us all. And through it all, his response is, "I am the potter." I need a daily reminder of this truth. Thanks for sharing, Sarah Mae.
    Angela Andrews´s last [type] ..Bad Poker Hand
    Angela Andrews´s last [type] ..Bad Poker Hand

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  3. Sisterlisa says:

    Yep…I have questions too..some I settle on not understanding, others have me so unsettled that I need to know… because the answers affect Christianity as a whole… and we need something drastic to happen..a revival..and it's happening..the only trouble now is the onslaught of hate speech against those finding God outside the Institutional those still in it.
    Sisterlisa´s last [type] ..Is December Half Over Already
    Sisterlisa´s last [type] ..Is December Half Over Already

  4. Alysa says:

    A friend of mine once said, "It's ok to doubt God, because we're not actually doubting Him, we're doubting our concept of who we've made Him to be."

    Questions take Him out of the box we like to put Him in :)

    Faith that is understood is no more faith. It's believing the unseen :)

  5. Renee says:

    Love this video and his honesty!

    Yes Faith involve mystery and those will only be reveal when we meet Him face to face, what a great joy to be anticipating have all thing reveal to us then!
    Renee´s last [type] ..Sunny destination and a Giveaway!!!
    Renee´s last [type] ..Sunny destination and a Giveaway!!!

  6. Jules says:

    I have goosebumps! Amazing video

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