Grace Wins {Giveaway}

*This giveaway is now closed.*

I am helpless.

I fail.

I melt into the dark.

I search for light.

I search for something lighter.

The burden feels too heavy;

that burden of guilt.

Then I hear that forgiveness is weightless, and I’m reminded that

grace wins.


{Scroll down and listen to #8 – Weightless}

Today’s winner will receive the Christa Wells CD “Frame the Clouds” along with my newest collaboration with Erin, the Grace Wins necklace (inspired by Serena Woods).

To enter, please leave a comment with what the words “grace wins” means to you. Feel free to submit extra entries by tweeting, facebooking, posting, etc.

“I’ve carried this a long time. In a well hidden bundle on my back. But I’ve realized forgiveness is weightless. So I’ll leave my burden on the tracks.”


I am having a holiday sale of both of my necklaces:

Grace Wins - $24 (normally $28)

Raising Generations – $28 (normally $32)

Orders for Christmas must be in by November 27th.

124 Coffee Talks on “Grace Wins {Giveaway}”

  1. Stacey Marsengill says:

    Grace wins means that the gospel conquers all our messes in life. no. matter. what. :o)

  2. Emily says:

    Grace wins… my daughter's name being Grace ;-) Means that despite all the fears I had of being a mother to a little girl- that is exactly what God gave me. That "Grace" brings so much love, joy, and sweet grace to my life! That won my heart!

  3. *Grace Wins* is to me, the same as saying it will be the only time that black + red = white. (My Sin + His blood = Purity, cleansing) :)
    Katy~TheCountryBloss´s last [type] ..Duties of a Loving Mother
    Katy~TheCountryBloss´s last [type] ..Duties of a Loving Mother

  4. Tweeted!…
    Katy~TheCountryBloss´s last [type] ..Duties of a Loving Mother
    Katy~TheCountryBloss´s last [type] ..Duties of a Loving Mother

  5. I *shared* this giveaway on my facebook profile, as well! :)
    Katy~TheCountryBloss´s last [type] ..Duties of a Loving Mother
    Katy~TheCountryBloss´s last [type] ..Duties of a Loving Mother

  6. kendal says:

    grace wins…i can take another step forward no matter what the last one looks like.
    kendal´s last [type] ..and yet
    kendal´s last [type] ..and yet

  7. Nancy Mosley says:

    Grace Wins – when I think of how undeserving I am of Christ's love that He poured out Himself for me, it makes me smile and truly joyful for that gift of Grace and that it conquers ALL. Grace Wins!!!

  8. Shelley C says:

    Grace Wins is a lovely sentiment. I see it in line with "Love covereth a multitude of sins". When we are hurt or disappointed in someone, grace and love come together to help us forgive and learn that our expectations should come from the Lord…not others, for they will fail. Always use grace to diffuse a situation before feelings are hurt and relationships are marred.

  9. Rachel says:

    Grace is the cross of Christ… and then living knowing we are not going to be perfect, worthy, but allowing those feelings to create an overwhelming joy of thankfulness; that inspires you to love others in that same way. True grace spreads freedom!

  10. Anna D. says:

    When I stand before Him and His judgement I want to hear Him say..

    GRACE WINS. Thank GOD for the hope we have.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Kristi says:

    It means that I am going to Heaven!! :D I ordered your raising generations necklace whn you had that giveaway and I love it! :)

  12. Melanie says:

    Through this season in my Marriage. Grace Wins.

    Though we are coming on the 10 year anniversary of my sisters Suicide. Grace Wins.

    When I eat the last Chocolate Chip cookie. Grace Wins.

    Completely thankful for GRACE this Day. Grace Wins!

  13. Michelle G says:

    Grace wins means that my God loved me even when I was at the bottom of the pit of my life and loves me still when satan tries to use guilt to take me back. God's Grace Wins every single time!

    faithonfyre at yahoo dot com
    Michelle G´s last [type] ..Sweet Shot Tuesday 11-16-10
    Michelle G´s last [type] ..Sweet Shot Tuesday 11-16-10

  14. Michal Lee1 says:

    Grace wins reminds me of the garland of grace I wear when I walk in wisdom. Grace is my daughter Hannah's middle name. She was born during the season of my life when I needed grace the most and needed to give grace the most and needed to KNOW what grace was the most. I highlighted every reference to grace in my Bible and breathed that word.

  15. Kat says:

    His grace….it's further still…His love it's deeper still…

    It's a win-win situation!
    Kat´s last [type] ..1000 Gifts
    Kat´s last [type] ..1000 Gifts

  16. Simple, honest, true. Great message.:)
    Kristine McGuire´s last [type] ..Movie Review- Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    Kristine McGuire´s last [type] ..Movie Review- Voyage of the Dawn Treader

  17. Emily says:

    I find rest in knowing that God, in all of His abounding LOVE, has granted me unmerited favor. Words cannot express the peace that I have in knowing that his mercy is victorious. Being a grace-dispenser to those around me is the best way to show the love of Christ!!!

  18. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for this giveaway. Grace Wins means to me that no matter how many times I fall. No matter how badly I have strayed off path. No matter my sins, or the bad things that have manifested in my life because of Satan. God's grace will cover it all. Jesus will lift me up from the dust and give me renewed life, accepting me for all my shortcomings, and turning what would be evil into something glorious. Grace Wins, means that God wins. Every. Single. Time.
    Cynthia´s last [type] ..Then Sings my Soul book review
    Cynthia´s last [type] ..Then Sings my Soul book review

  19. angel says:

    That no matter how worthless I am in my own, HE makes me worthy..
    angel´s last [type] ..Forgotten Christmas
    angel´s last [type] ..Forgotten Christmas

  20. Brooke Luby says:

    Grace is what give me breath in my longs every morning. It flows inside my blood stream. Life is a gift. I can't wake myself up, I can't make my heart beat.

    When I fail- chose hatred, selfishness, jealousy, lust, insecurity, Grace comes, not to justify my behavior, but to give me a hug, shake me gently if necessary and say firmly,

    "That's not who you are."

    In every situation, in every circumstance, Grace not only beats every alternative (guilt, condemnation, striving) It's the only thing that can win.

    It's the only thing that lasts.

  21. Faethe Ranae says:

    No matter what veil of darkness falls on my life, there is a light ahead that is warm and covers me, God's Grace!

  22. Rose in Ohio says:

    It means that even unspeakably grievous sin is no match for God's grace. But it doesn't mean that a believer's life carries with it no commitment or expectations or risk. Instead, the gift of grace calls us to obedience to Him.

    God knows us all too well–every thought, every deed, every inclination–yet he loves us in spite of ourselves!

    "O to grace how great a debtor,

    daily I'm constrained to be,

    let that grace now, like a fetter,

    bind my wandering heart to thee." -Robert Robinson

  23. stephanie says:

    An analogy I've heard is that we often take two sins and pin them up together in a battle arena to fight it out and see which one is "better". The winner then reigns in our lives. What we don't always realize is that regardless of who wins, SIN wins. For example, we might take pride and envy or fear and anxiety (things that we generally consider bad) and pin it up against apathy where we don't allow sin and injustice to stir us up. (Apathy is a little more difficult to identify as bad.) Either way we've chosen the wrong battle, because in the end, SIN wins. What we need to do is look to God and the GRACE that He has given us through the work He accomplished on the cross, and know with a peace that passes all understanding, that when you put God's GRACE in the arena with any other sin in your life…GRACE WINS!!!

  24. Debi Foreman says:

    "grace wins" means HIS grace is sufficient

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