Rules to Remember When Reading God’s Word

Five Simple Rules for Reading and Teaching God’s Word, by Charles Swindoll

WHAT. Never forget what you are handling.  It is the Word of God, God’s Book – God’s voice.  That will keep you sensitive.

WHO. Always remember who has the authority. That’s the Lord Himself. That’ll keep you humble.

WHY. keep in mind why you are teaching. This will keep you accurate. Why study…why teach? To capture the original meaning and then today’s application of the Scriptures.

WHERE. Think about where people are. That’ll keep you interesting.

WHEN. Focus on when the teaching ends. That’ll keep you practical. When your teaching or bible study is over, what difference will it make?

“Always study the context so you will maintain the meaning.”

I recommend (this is what I’m currently reading): Growing Deep in the Christian Life, by Charles Swindoll

Instill the Word of God into your children – here’s a good place to start.

9 Coffee Talks on “Rules to Remember When Reading God’s Word”

  1. Christin says:

    Very good thoughts, thank you for sharing Sarah Mae :)
    Christin´s last [type] ..Cutting Down on Frustrations
    Christin´s last [type] ..Cutting Down on Frustrations

  2. Kasey says:

    Good thoughts, I had a hard time getting into my devo this morning, so easy to forget the basics.

  3. In my summer series my husband and I shared this list of bible study rules that we learned. This will help keep believers on track and goes into more depth.…
    Tracy @ Hall of Fame´s last [type] ..Why marriage fails
    Tracy @ Hall of Fame´s last [type] ..Why marriage fails

  4. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for sharing this Sarah Mae. So true!!!
    Tiffany´s last [type] ..Just One Thought
    Tiffany´s last [type] ..Just One Thought

  5. THANK YOU!!! I know all this but it's nice to be reminded.

  6. Kristy K says:

    Great reminders Sarah Mae! Our pastor recently spoke on studying the Bible and he said "It doesn't matter what it means to YOU until you first understand what it meant to THEM (the people in the Bible)." Too often, I take from the Bible what makes me feel good and leave the rest, so I'm trying to make it a point to keep all this in mind.

  7. Great tips. :-)
    Kara @ Home With Pur´s last [type] ..Bible in 90 Days B90Days Final Wrap Up!
    Kara @ Home With Pur´s last [type] ..Bible in 90 Days B90Days Final Wrap Up!

  8. Monika says:

    Nice post, thank you for sharing!

    If you don´t mind I will translate it and use it on my czech blog: (with Bible and cup of coffee). I will use direct link on your blog – original post.


  9. Bobby says:

    These are some good reminders. I would also add to try and look at the scriptures from the point of view of someone who is not a believer. That might be a way to help your witness and to reach those who are lost.
    Bobby´s last [type] ..Signature Roast
    Bobby´s last [type] ..Signature Roast

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