Stop and Gain Some Perspective

I was feeling the stress rise and the frustration set in all before the day barely opened into new.

I had my bible and comfy chair, but the babes were loud and the DVD player wasn’t working and the complaints came.


I got everything all fixed up for them, settled, and quiet (mostly).  I need time with God alone in the quiet or I might just go crazy.

I feel the rising still.

This isn’t working. I can’t “get into” God. So I stop, close the book, and just breathe. And then I gain some perspective. I cannot shut-up life, at least not with offense and hold a pure conscience. I knew I had offended my children by rushing them to get busy so I could be alone with the life-giver.  I “shhhh’d” them.  I brushed them aside. That is not what God has in mind, at least I don’ t think so.

If we are to go to an offended brother before laying a sacrifice at the alter, then shouldn’t we also go to our offended children and make things good and right in their world before sitting down to be with the One? Yes. So I did.  I went down and cuddled and asked for forgiveness and read a book to one and then came before my God.

How much sweeter the time!

The rising stops and recedes.

Do you need to go before your children today and relieve offense?


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19 Coffee Talks on “Stop and Gain Some Perspective”

  1. Kendal Rich says:

    Love this! Thanks Sarah! What a humble reminder to love our children. There are days when I have had to go to them multiple times and ask for forgiveness. Of course, my girls are quick to give me a big ol' hug and say they forgive me and love me. That is unconditional love at it's best!

  2. Mrs. C says:

    I was reminded of Susanna Wesley, the mother of John & Charles Wesley, and mother of 19 children. It is said that she would raise her apron over her head at any given time and her children knew she was in prayer whenever they saw her like this.

    It was good for me to learn of this when my gals were younger, because I too would let it frustrate me too much, when "my time" was interrupted by them. We can meet with our God at any given moment, He is always available.

    And yes, always be quick to go to your children and remedy any wrongs or offenses, they learn the importance of this from our examples. And we learn how to quickly forgive by theirs, children are unbelievably great about forgiving quickly, aren't they? I've had to remedy several wrongs on my part, and my dear ones are always quick to forgive and forget.
    Mrs. C´s last [type] ..Woman of Adventure
    Mrs. C´s last [type] ..Woman of Adventure

  3. Kasey says:

    It's like you were in my house every day for the past week. So busy trying to do God's work that I don't see the little one who just wants her mommy.

  4. Julia says:

    I so needed this today. Thank you.

  5. Shawn says:

    WOW!! Sarah Mae I so needed to hear this. I have been so stressed and uncomportable in my spirit the last couple of days. Even though I have had been with my God first thing. SOmething was…wrong, unsettling. I thought maybe because of all the flu and colds that is bouncing from one person to the next (and with 7 people in this family, that is alot). And now I have the cold/flu BUT….still. Thank you Sarah Mae…I am going to the offended.


  6. jenny says:

    so sweet. I have 7 children and find myself going to them quite frequently…it is important. It shows them love, forgiveness,grace and humility.

    we all need to hear that–thank you


  7. Becky says:

    Thanks for this reminder! I love your writing. So often I think we do this…we ignore the precious little blessings from God to do our "thing". I needed this TODAY!
    Becky´s last [type] ..How Quickly We Forget
    Becky´s last [type] ..How Quickly We Forget

  8. Thanks for the insight.

    Yes, sometimes I do need to set things right with my daughters before I can set things right with my Father.

    Maybe I need and apron, like Mrs. C. said Susanna Wesley used, LOL!


    Leslie, the Home Mak´s last [type] ..Things My Relevant Roomies and You Should Know
    Leslie, the Home Mak´s last [type] ..Things My Relevant Roomies and You Should Know

  9. Bonita says:

    You're a very wise mommy!
    Bonita´s last [type] ..Who Wants Book 1
    Bonita´s last [type] ..Who Wants Book 1

  10. Traci says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so good!
    Traci´s last [type] ..20 Ways To Enjoy Your Children
    Traci´s last [type] ..20 Ways To Enjoy Your Children

  11. Dana Renda says:

    Love this post! I feel like that a lot. I've learned that my time with God needs to be at night when everyone is asleep. My husband knows I need this time to be a better wife & mother.

    However, there are times I fall asleep & I have not given God the time he so deserves. It's those times that I try and go to HIM in the morning when everyone is rising. It is those times I am most quick tempered with my children. Thank you for reminding us that we need to set things straight before going to God.



  12. Kristy K says:

    This post just hits me in the face right now. For me, it's worse at nighttime when I want to badly to do my Bible study lesson, but they won't scurry to bed as quickly as I'd like. Or they want another story or an extra cuddle. Thank you for this reminder! I need to make it right with them..

  13. Kylie Butler says:

    Your words are amazing, I find it so incedible that each time I read your post it's like God is speaking through you to me. Thanks for the prompting.
    Kylie Butler´s last [type] ..Ladybird- Ladybird – Fly away home
    Kylie Butler´s last [type] ..Ladybird- Ladybird – Fly away home

  14. Dalia says:

    How much I needed to read this today, thank you! It was in thought, but reading it, so much easier to grasp.

  15. Becky says:

    I gave you The Versatile Blogger Award today. Check out my blog!
    Becky´s last [type] ..How Quickly We Forget
    Becky´s last [type] ..How Quickly We Forget

  16. Rhonda says:

    How much more wonderful for your children to see/join in as you read God's Word–sometimes it's so hard for us moms to open up with our children and just be real, isn't it? We get too hung up with the "need" for our uninterrupted quite times–yes, we need our time with the Lord, but it can't become "it has to be this way or it doesn't mean anything". They need to see our struggles, forgiveness, and need to be forgiven. As you read, how about sharing a little tidbit with them about what you're learning. They see how God's Word can then be applied to their little lives too:)
    Rhonda´s last [type] ..Take a little time today
    Rhonda´s last [type] ..Take a little time today

  17. 'Becca says:

    Great post!! We are struggling to be more authoritative parents as our son gets older and more challenging, and too often that idea of authority gets twisted into being "in charge, right or wrong!" It works so much better for everyone when we admit that we are causing our child stress by pushing him away so we can get our "peace and quiet," instead of blaming him for causing us stress by having needs and ideas and (sniffle) just wanting to be with us because he loves us.

    I have found in particular that if I'm trying to get him to go to sleep so I can read the Bible, it's better just to read the Bible to him, even though it's "lights out" time. Here's why the story of Jonah is one of my favorites in that situation.
    'Becca´s last [type] ..Thrifty- Earth-friendly Hand Soap!
    'Becca´s last [type] ..Thrifty- Earth-friendly Hand Soap!

  18. Amelia says:

    Thank you so much for reminding. I am so blessed with what you shared. God bless you

  19. thesavingmom says:

    Thank you for this post. Very humbling! You are a blessing in your writing! ~Jessica
    thesavingmom´s last [type] ..Under the weather
    thesavingmom´s last [type] ..Under the weather

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