I do not like to run.

I find it boring and painful {heave heave}.

However, last night I had the most exuberant experience in a dream.

I ran.

Really, it was more like gliding.  And there was no pain in it, just freedom.  I felt wonderful.  As I ran and glided effortlessly down a long road, this verse came to me:

“but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

I ran, and I thought about heaven, and I thought about the wind on my face as my spirit was not held back by sin infested flesh and bone.

No tired legs.

No twisted ankles.

No gasping for breath.

No side aches.

I just ran.

My new body fit the inside me perfectly.

It was glorious.


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  1. Erin says:

    That sounds glorious! I've been running now for a little while and I love it. But sometimes I don't love it. :) On a good day though, I feel like you described…free and not held back.

    I love how you dreamt of that verse, God is always with us, even in our sleep!!
    Erin´s last [type] ..Proverbs 31 Woman The Early Riser
    Erin´s last [type] ..Proverbs 31 Woman The Early Riser

  2. S Club Mama says:

    Exciting!! What a beautiful picture of running. Maybe in heaven I'll love to run, too. :D
    S Club Mama´s last [type] ..boxes
    S Club Mama´s last [type] ..boxes

  3. and isn't it amazing how one day that will be reality ALL THE TIME?! i've had that dream before and it's incredible :)

  4. Crystal says:

    Great dream! I loathe running. If anyone sees me running they need to know that someone is probably chasing me! I love to walk though! If only this knee would get better.

    How exciting to think about our heavenly bodies and the freedom there!

  5. Christin says:

    Love it!!

    You know what? Running and I have a love-hate relationship, LOL. I love it AFTERWARD (you know, the "runner's high and sense of accomplishment?), but I hate it while I'm doing it, LOL. {heave heave is right!}

    In a few weeks I am actually going to get back into running after about 3 years laying dormant (other than a few runs here and there).

    Anyways, your dream sounds like a wonderful glimpse of our true Home!! Can't wait!
    Christin´s last [type] ..A God Who Cares
    Christin´s last [type] ..A God Who Cares

  6. Esther says:

    What an awesome dream…thanks for sharing it with us !!!! God defintetly has His wonderful ways of revealing Himself to us, ha!!



  7. jenny says:

    Sounds like a great dream. I hate running, but I LOVE the elliptical. On the elliptical I can "glide" for over half an hour and not faint or grow too weary. But then I tried to run, racing my 10 year old foster daughter, and there was gravity. My kids still tease me. I really thought I could run!

  8. I had a dream once, in which Jesus blew the trumpet and we all rose up to meet him. Instantly, the weight of responsibility fell off me and I was full of the most incredible joy i have ever known.

    I will never forget the discoveries of this moment, as I awoke: that my body carries the burden of all the details of life, and my soul will someday be free of that weight. And, the gratitude like what you share, that God should choose to give me the tiniest glimpse of what I'm working for at the end of my days.
    Krista @ Life in Tex´s last [type] ..Garden Time with Boo
    Krista @ Life in Tex´s last [type] ..Garden Time with Boo

  9. jo says:

    i liked that post. a lot. thanks :)

    ( I really do appreciate your brief thoughts in the morning with my steamy hot chai. blessings!)

  10. That sounds like an amazing experience!!! What a beautiful way for God to remind you of His promises!! Such joy!!! Such true pleasure!!! Thank you so much for sharing your precious experience with all of us! :-)
    Mary Joy @Seeds of E´s last [type] ..An amazing opportunity to encourage women and save lives!!!!
    Mary Joy @Seeds of E´s last [type] ..An amazing opportunity to encourage women and save lives!!!!

  11. Marleah says:

    This gave me goose bumps. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Earlier this evening I bookmarked 2 Timothy 4:7

    7 I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.

    Now reading what you said about running!
    Betty – Reflections´s last [type] ..Blogmania Giveaways
    Betty – Reflections´s last [type] ..Blogmania Giveaways

  13. Toni says:

    Have you ever seen the Ray Vander Laan videos? The "Run" clip both sobers and challenges me. I love it. Fitting as I read your encouraging post.

    Toni´s last [type] ..Any fall projects in the works
    Toni´s last [type] ..Any fall projects in the works

  14. Gina Lind says:

    I love this post, it makes me excited for heaven!
    Gina Lind´s last [type] ..Being Still
    Gina Lind´s last [type] ..Being Still

  15. Thanks for this post. It's a good thing to remember to that there is life outside of this limited box we that we dwell in.
    erin @ little apartm´s last [type] ..Scars and Stuff
    erin @ little apartm´s last [type] ..Scars and Stuff

  16. Jen says:

    I love that verse as well. My favorite part is Isaiah 40:29. "He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak." I know that I am weary and weak but God… all is possible! Thanks for sharing! ~ Jen
    Jen´s last [type] ..My Family
    Jen´s last [type] ..My Family

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