The Heart of it All (Being a ‘Keeper at Home’)

Oh, why bother talking about this anymore?

Why does it matter if a woman chooses to be a homemaker or a career woman?

I submit, there are many, many pressing needs in the world that seem to demand more a focus then something as divisive as exhorting women to be homemakers…yet…

Nestled in the heart of God is a foundation laid for women that makes so much sense.  And while His ideas often seem crazy, they are, none-the-less, His ideas.

So it is with a humble offering, I continue to speak on it.

Today, I’d like to peek behind the ink into the meaning…

οἰκουρός (oikourgos), a Greek word, found in Titus 2:5:

  1. Working at home*
  2. Watching or keeping the house, of a watch dog**
  • The word oikourgos is a compound word made from oikos (a house; a dwelling) and ergon (work).*
  • This compound word is not found anywhere else in scripture (so we can’t compare it)
  • Used in other sources as speaking contemptuously of a man, staty-at-home, as opposed to one who goes forth to war**

If we look to God’s Word as the source of wisdom and authority and truth (2 Timothy3:16), we should be able to see that, according to Titus 2:5, a married woman with children is to be a keeper/worker at home.

However you flesh it out, the very basic principle is that women have a homeward calling.

Does this mean a woman/mother can’t work outside the home?  No, it doesn’t.

Does this mean a woman/mother can be a ‘career’ woman, working full-time outside the home? I don’t know.  I also do not know, in all realty, how a woman could give her days to a job and yet serve her family well, keeping the home, training her children, submitting first to her husband.

I know I’m not every woman, so I can’t speak for how everyone manages their household, but I do know how many thousands of moments of training are in a day, and I know that no one can train them and love them like me (not because I’m great, but because I’m their mommy).  No one else can tuck them into naps like I can.  No one else can greet them from their nap with my smile and hugs.  No one else can kiss the boo boo’s like me, and no one else can intervene during the many sibling conflicts and teach love like I can…because I’m their mommy and it’s my job to grow up those eternal souls and train them in the Lord.  I grew them in my body, and I nurtured them with my body.  They are not someone else’s to care for and train, they are mine, as gifts from a most gracious God, to be His.

I know life is messy.  I know some of you long to be home and some of you have to work.  We do what we have to do.  All for the glory of God, in His grace.

A Word on Grace

No Biblical Family?

*Strong’s Numbers

**Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon

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