“Becoming the Woman Your Man Needs”

The tagline of the Completing Him series says, “Becoming the woman your man needs.”

I think it’s catchy and cute and fits perfectly with the challenge.

a reader mentioned her disappointment with the word ‘becoming’ saying, “I don’t have to become what my husband needs, I already am, that’s why he married me.”

Valid point, wouldn’t you say?

Read the whole post over at Women Living Well today…

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4 Coffee Talks on ““Becoming the Woman Your Man Needs””

  1. linda davidoff says:

    We could say that about being a Christian. I am one, well are we not growing more n more each day? If not what's wrong.I know after 29+ years of marriage I am still desiring to be the woman he needs.(our needs change his do too)

  2. Chrissy says:

    I think we constantly have to become what our husbands need. I mean, let's face it, at 40 he's not the same person he was at 25. He's always growing and changing, and we have to do the same thing.

  3. Obviously my husband needed me since he chose me, however did even HE know all his needs at the time? I need him and he needs me. We spend our marriage learning what those needs are and how to meet them.

  4. Valencia says:

    I have to say that just like my christian walk, I am always improving my marriage. You can NEVER be too good of a wife to him.

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