I’m thinking about this today…

“Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools” Ecclesiastes 7:9

10 Coffee Talks on “Anger”

  1. Becky says:

    Me too. I just posted today about how I need to be controlling my emotions more, especially when it comes to my husband. What an amazing verse to dwell on.

  2. Chad says:

    Ouch. This is convicting. Looking forward to a blogpost on how to apply this verse to parenting…

  3. Kelly Howard says:

    Oooo, this is a REALLY good one! Anger can really MAKE a fool out of you! I love the other scripture on anger, too…be angry and SIN NOT…

  4. Heathahlee says:

    Been there, girlie, been there. I have fought anger more the past three months than I have the past ten years. It is a poison to the spirit! Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. Sheri says:

    Wonderful verse. Seriously. I posted my comment on the depression thread (from last night) as part of my SOAP today. You may be getting hits as I linked back here!

  6. Chels R says:

    It's so interesting that this is the post today because last night there was a big incident at my in-laws house. My in-laws have a bunch of family in town from Africa (they're missionaries) and my mother in law is super stressed because 12-14 people staying in their tiny 4bdr house. My mother in law also suffers from migraines, badly! Anyways, she made a huge scene last night that effected me and my husband and my 6 yr old daughter and it wasn't pretty. It was bad!! But I was so proud of my husband for defending my little girl so protectively. I know Stress is the under lying issue for her lashing out and I feel awful for her that she has so much on her plate. I get migraines occasionally and they are the worst…but…she thinks she has to entertain everyone at the house and she doesn't. Sooo were going over there again tonight, as well as the rest of the week probably…but I'm going to remember this verse and say a prayer.

  7. Cindy says:

    Just what I needed to read after the morning I had. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  8. Brooke Clarke says:

    You're killing me today with this post and your facebook status. It's good, God is convicting me and reminding me that I don't ever want to feel how I feel right now after the unkind words I spoke to another woman. God's grace is sufficient, right?!

  9. Lisa says:

    What a timely post. I had an outburst today with my hubby. He doesn't like to compromise. He believes because he is the man of the house that he's going to do things his way-things that are major decisions financially and geographically for our future. I find myself getting angry a lot because even though he hears me, I feel like my thoughts and points don't matter.

    Marriage is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It has taken everything in me not to give up and leave. But that doesn't mean that I haven't considered it many times. I have to accept the fact that I may have married the wrong person and just need to make peace with the other wonderful things in my life.

    Regardless, I need to be more in control of what I say and how I act.

    • Sarah Mae says:

      Lisa, I believe that you did not marry the wrong man, even though it seems that way right now – God's providential was in it…don't give up! I've been there…

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