A Word on Grace

I love grace.

I am so thankful that when we are in Christ Jesus, we are no longer condemned.

I also love truth and whole-heartedly want to seek it out. I have deep convictions based on the Word of God that I view as sufficient and authoritative.

I need to make two things very very very clear:

1.) I fully understand that we live in a sin-saturated world where black and white doesn’t always fit and circumstances vary greatly.  Grace.

2.) I am not speaking for God when I communicate my convictions after studying God-breathed Words. I cling to His truth because I love Him and seek to obey Him. I’m so thankful for His gentleness and overwhelming grace.

3.) I am not judging my fellow sisters-in-Christ who fall differently on the issues than I do.  I will exhort and proclaim the Word of God to women, but I am not judging.  Speaking convictions does not equal a personal judgment from me towards others. *Edit* Everyone judges, whether they know it or not. I suppose I’m judging when I disagree? Either way, what I mean is that I don’t (or at least sincerely try not to) look down on my sisters.

4.) I do not believe that the roles of women are a salvation issue.  There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1.

5.) Have I mentioned grace?  Love it, cling to it, desperate for it.

6.) I hope you will weigh all my words against scripture…I will do the same as you challenge me.

7.) We may ultimately disagree on issues.  That’s okay!  We can still love each other!

8.) In everything I write, please know that I’m praying through it before I publish.  I want to speak good, grace-filled words.  I want to encourage.  I want us to all search the scriptures to the glory of God.

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12 Coffee Talks on “A Word on Grace”

  1. You are precious. Just totally an inspiration to my heart.

    Grace and peace.
    .-= Myra @ My Blessed Life´s last blog ..Our Love Story – Part 8 =-.

  2. Rachel says:

    I am sure you will get our thoughts moving in the right direction… Grace is a wonderfully miraculous thing!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Big Apple HERE WE COME- =-.

  3. Debbie says:

    I just admire you so much, SarahMae and know that you are being so authentic here. Thank you. Thanks for writing it – for not shying away from heated discussion – for pouring over things a BIG CUP of grace. Love it. Excited about it!!! You Go Girl!

    • Sarah Mae says:

      Debbie, you are one of my most encouraging readers – I love you so very much! :)

  4. Kristi says:

    I am looking forward to your "series" so very much!! I am glad that you are bold enough so put your covictions out there for all to see at the risk of being accused of being "judgmental" and that you can do it lovingly! It is so disheartening to me that Christians (" "??) get so up in arms over other believers taking a stand for SOMETHING instead of just saying that the Bible teaches love and acceptance so "to each his own"…is that ALL the Bible teaches us? I really do thank the Lord that there is still a minority out there who are brave enough to take a stand for what they actually believe…and not just against others having specific convictions (I see no lack of that!!). ;) Thanks so much for what you're doing! :)

    P.S. Okay, I just have to ask…what's the deal with this "commentluv" thing?? It's all over everyon's comments and I can't see all the words! Lol. :D

    • Sarah Mae says:

      Kristi – I don't know, I'm going to deactivate it until I can figure it out!

  5. Kristi says:

    It's not the end of the world! :) I was just wondering where it came from. :)

  6. julia says:

    great great thoughts. still mulling over the "sneaker" test. can it ever be that 2 very well versed Christians can view the same "sneaker scripture" differently??? so in the end, he doesn't throw out the sneakers b/c he also believes that his view of Scripture is correct?

    i hope you know i'm not trying to be the "devil's advocate" (bad pun). perhaps it's God speaking to me that as a woman I should be staying home but that my husband who is jobless, we would not be able to survive??? Aren't there many Christian women out there who were not full time homemakers?? Do you believe they are going against God's word???

    Still mulling and praying over Titus 2:3-5… got any other verses for me to be praying over, Sarah Mae??

    Thank you sweetheart. Looking forward to see what God is revealing in me.

    (BTW, i am not liberal in view… just a working mom trying to figure it all out.)

    • Sarah Mae says:

      Julia – I heart you so very much for your honesty and humility! {Gush!} You keep mulling, and I'll do the same. Also, remember, the grace of God covers the messy and the complicated. ;)

      P.S. Genesis 2:18-24, Eph. 5:22-6:4, Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 1 Peter 3:1-6, John 14:15

  7. Ashley says:

    I too love grace! I love it so much…mostly because I need it so desperately from Jesus Christ! Thank goodness He showers it over me in abundance!

    I am very much looking forward to your upcoming series!!! And I will be coating you in prayer!

  8. Quiet-Mom says:

    Beautiful post!

  9. Sounds alright to me :)

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