Want to Make Money Blogging? Start Using Integrated Ad Packaging

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You have a blog and you would like to make some money with it, so what is the best way to go about it?  Well, at the Type-A mom conference the most valuable piece of advice I came away with was offered up by Robbie Cape, co-founder and CEO of Cozi.com (a free site where you can organize your family life with calendars, lists, etc.).  I asked Robbie to share with you the “new wave” of advertising – Integrated Ad Packaging.  Below are my questions and his answers, with my addition of the “bottom line.”

What is an Integrated Ad Package?

An integrated ad package (aka a sponsorship) is simply a bundle of value delivered to an advertiser by a media property, where all the components of the value are somehow related to one another. So in the case of a blogger, an integrated ad package might include blog posts, display, guest posts, email outreach, a Twitter or Facebook context, and maybe even some offline event. It is just a package that pulls together a bunch of difference pieces of value that the property can provide in such a way that it makes sense to the advertiser and delivers on some goal that the advertiser has.

Bottom Line - Offer more than a 125 x 125 ad spot

Why use an Integrated Ad Package?

You use an integrated ad package because the advertiser puts more value on it, and therefore, you can sell it for more money. Why? Because it is more likely you will be able to deliver on the goals of the advertiser with an integrated program than by focusing on a single item like “display”. You know the saying about the sum of the parts being more valuable than the individual items on their own. The same goes here. And its because of the synergy between the different parts.

Bottom Line - You can get more money and meet the goals of your sponsor more effectively – win/win

Who is using Integrated Ad Packages?

Integrated ad packages are all over the web. Even the biggest sites (like MSN) have had to start doing them even though they are much more work (i.e. it turns out that the margins are often lower.) They take more man power and require more creativity on the part of the media site. But they are what the advertisers want these days. Cozi did one with Nestle at back to school where we combined a co-brand with content sponsorship with standard ad units, and then also added in some innovative new ad units that had never been done before. If you watch MSN enough, when you see a take-over ad or you see a branding of an entire page for the day, the chances are pretty good that was presented to the client as a integrated ad package with value being delivered across multiple assets and sometimes even multiple modalities (web and mobile.)

Bottom LineIt’s the future of advertising, so just roll with it

Thanks Robbie! 


Any questions?

10 Coffee Talks on “Want to Make Money Blogging? Start Using Integrated Ad Packaging”

  1. Jen says:

    GREAT interview and awesome information. Thank you so much for posting about this! Of course, with my 46 followers, it may be a long while off before I can use it :-P Im still excited to have Robbie's ad explanation in print and understandable!
    .-= Jen´s last blog post … Taste Test Tuesday – Cajun Meatloaf =-.

  2. Traci says:

    Thanks for sharing Sarah… I'll have to check it out.

    Sidenote: 1,002 sig's have been signed for Danielle! God is so good!
    .-= Traci´s last blog post … A Coincidence? I Don't Thing So! =-.

  3. Kim says:

    Interesting, very interesting! Did I just sound like Maxwell Smart? Do you know who Maxwell Smart is? Is it him who says that? LOL
    Thanks for the info.
    .-= Kim´s last blog post … Friday Funnies! =-.

  4. Traci says:

    Thanks Sarah! I just was led to do something, to light a fire, to get help for her… not even knowing that the next day would be Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day! I have a special place in my heart, almost experiencing the same thing!

    God is good… His timing is always perfect. I was so pleased that Angie, from Bring the Rain, including his info in her post as well. You ladies are a God-sent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    .-= Traci´s last blog post … I Have NOTHING to Wear! =-.

  5. sprittibee says:

    Great post. Thanks! I do some of these things with the Homeschool Post when we get prize sponsors, but I haven't ever thought of it as an 'integrated ad package'. Wow. I feel fancy now. LOL

    You are right. It is a lot more work. ;)
    .-= sprittibee´s last blog post … 'Twitter Like a Rockstar' Give-Away =-.

  6. Thanks for sharing this info. I have recently started offering more for my 125 sponsors. I read a marketing e-book and was encouraged to think out of the box. So I started "Sponsor Saturday" posts where I would interview someone from their company and do a giveaway. I used Twitter and Facebook to tell everyone about the giveaway and expose their brand. I really liked the interview posts. I also plan to do simple posts thanking my sponsors on a day I don't normally post. It is a lot more work.
    .-= Amanda @ The Mom Crowd´s last blog post … Safeguarding Your Marriage from Infidelity =-.

  7. Robbie Cape says:

    Thanks for the post Sarah. Glad the information was helpful to you and to your readers.

    - Robbie

  8. This is a lot of great info! Glad to know it because I'm getting ready to try doing some advertising and was already thinking about doing some sort of package so that I'm offering a better value. Thanks!
    .-= Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates´s last blog post … Fall Fruits Festival ~ Chocolate & Giveaway =-.

  9. Roschelle says:

    This was a really interesting post. I have a few 125 ads in my sidebar but that don't really generate any income. I guess an integrated ad plan is really what you'd need. Thanks for sharing!
    .-= Roschelle´s last blog post … Writing With Passion Leads to Success =-.

  10. Angela says:

    So Idoes one get started in something like this? I'm sure they first want you to have a substantial following, correct?
    .-= Angela´s last blog post … Changing to WordPress =-.

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