Super Duper Goal List!


My Super Duper I Can-Totally-Do-It-With-God’s-Strength Goal List For The Week!
  1. Rise and shine with an intentional song of praise in my heart – looking above and focusing on Him.
  2. Paint the barn! I’ve heard it said before that if the barn needs painting, paint it! Let me tell you that this barn has been lookin’ pretty rough lately and I’m ready to start taking care of myself again – starting with some lipstick of course!
  3. Train my children in the Lord everyday. I have a wonderful kids CD entitled Songs for Saplings, Questions and Answers Volumes 1,2, and 3 (if you have kiddos, buy it NOW) that goes through Christian doctrine (Who is God? Why was I created? Etc.) and I am using it to teach my daughter faithfully the truths of God, His creation, sin, and the amazing work of Jesus Christ.
  4. Complete at least two cleaning tasks a day, aside from general pick-up. (I realize this may seem wimpy to many of you, but I’m in size WHALE right now, so bending over and doing a ton of cleaning isn’t exactly jiving with the bod!).

I’m feeling motivated people, but I need MORE, so link up! Oh, and before I forget, “Ex Prep” will continue tomorrow - we’re diggin’ into that whole “Am I Married To The Right Man” question!

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  1. helenw13 says:

    Congratulations Jennifer…oh I am so sad though…I dropped by because it is just 10pm here on the west coast…oh well…blessings to you Sarah Mae…

  2. christinnjon says:

    Oh my goodness, thank you Sarah Mae for that! You inspired me to gather my own goals together for this morning because I needed some serious motivation! Have a great day!

  3. Alicia, The Snowflak says:

    What a great list for the week! I pray you are able to stay focused. May you have a wonderful week!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for your list! The Lord has been so good to encourage me over and over and over again to keep running the race!

  5. Dana says:

    by the time i was pregnant with my third i learned very well how to pick things up with my toes from books to blankets to dolls to matchbox cars (ok typing that out makes it sounds gross, ew) anyways. i still do it sometimes without thinking… i've even seen my oldest daughter doing it to. :)

  6. Jennifer says:

    I have never won ANYTHING! I have loved Lisa's jewelry since seeing it on the Nester's blog!BTW, I'm thinking of starting a blog, more as family journal and a way to hold myself to being "More Mary, Less Martha" which may be my title. My kids won't remember always having a clean house but they will remember if I was playing with them, loving them, listening to them or was I on the computer or busy or too "something else" to BE with them.If I have to journal my days, publicly, then I will think more about how I choose to spend my time. I hope. I pray.Anyway, thanks, I am doing a happy spin in my chair. I emailed you but my email address is on my google profile.Blessings,Jennifer

  7. Kim says:

    Paint the barn! I love it! How true it is, if the barns needs painting, paint it! I gave away and/or disposed of most of my beauty tools because that was easier than packing them for our big move. And for the longest time, I was in European mode–trust me, a lot of women here are very casual about their appearance…the same clothes more than once during the week, not much effort in the hair washing dept, and minimal make-up. I admit, I fell into that routine because it was EASY! But I was reminded this morning (not from him, by the way!), that it's not who my husband fell in love with. Don't get me wrong, he loves my heart first and foremost, but I do owe it to him to put forth more effort with my appearance. I'll be painting my own barn! God bless you!

  8. Jacquelyn says:

    I'm right there with you on the "whale" thing. Only 10 or so more weeks to go before the baby comes and I'm motivated to clean, oraganize and wish I had a nursery to decorate. Today I got up at 6 after staying up past midnight. My goals this week include getting to bed earlier, completing everything on my homeschool list, finishing my bible study homework before Thursday, planning for a church event that usually involves around 150 women and kicking the caffine habbit for good – whew! Maybe I'll just start with making through today …

  9. Denise says:

    I just found your blog and love it.

  10. Isabel says:

    Ok. You described yourself as a barn, and as a whale. Has your self image 'broadened' lately? ;o)Just kidding of course! However I must honestly tell you that you are very beautiful! I saw your pics from the modesty fashion show. I too like Dana pick up things with my toes, especially when I was pregnant! I think I even picked up one child with my toes once ;o)

  11. Joyfull says:

    Great list for the week. I especially love rising with praise on the heart and lips! What a great way to begin the day.

  12. LisaShaw says:

    I thought I would stop by and say I give God the glory for what you're doing in Christ being recognized on your blog in the Internet Cafe.God bless you as you keep your heart close to HIS.

  13. Lisa @ Stop and Smel says:

    Sarah Mae, what a great list of goals! That is what I need to do and I just need to be OK with doing baby steps 'cause I get overwhelmed by the MANY things I should be doing.Congrats again my friend on the Top 100 list – you totally deserve it!! :)

  14. Dyan says:

    New to reading this blog but not new to the term "paint the barn". Can I just ask, why does this only apply to women? At least, I've only heard it applied to women. No offense intended, just wondering . . .

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